Do Healing Frequencies Work?

Do Healing Frquencies Work?The Healing Frequency movement is gaining momentum, much like Yoga in the past. Yoga, on the other hand, is much easier to see and explain how it works. If you are like me, you still need a bit more information before you spend some money on it. Sure you can just say, “listen to this and feel better”, but what else is going on here? How do Healing Frequencies work?

The most basic way Wholetones and other Healing Frequencies work their magic is by synching the brain. The tones put your body in a state of mind where it is more susceptible to healing.

Our neurons communicate with electricity. It’s by altering this “Brain Wave Frequency” that we are susceptible to learn new information, lead to increases in endorphins, and even perform more elaborate tasks.

To induce this, they use “Brainwave Entertainment”. This creates various frequencies that create a bi-neural beat which enables these specific waves created by the healing frequencies to work.

OK, but Do Healing Frequencies Work Well?

As I went into before in my main post on Healing Frequencies, the research is there that supports the science. This is paired with users own positive reviews of the products.

So if you are still doubting the power of Healing Frequencies, feel free to email me at any time and ask how my own Wholetones experiences are going.

However, if you are ready to see if the product is right for you, click the here to check out Wholetones for your self.


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